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A pound o' grips.

This product is for 1 pound of random climbing holds. The holds are all perfectly functional and safe but will include holds such as:

Examples include, but are not limited to, spots of dye, too dark or too light, experimental colors, multi-colors, etc.

Examples include bubbles on hold, small corner broken off, dust, dirt or even a bit of pert hair embedded into the hold, etc

These are usually small holds like Lucky 7s, Dubble Bubbles, Pickles, etc. The reason these are included is when we measure out our resin it's difficult to measure the exact amount we need for the holds so we always estimate on the high side and have a few extra small holds ready to have that little extra bit of resin used on them. They are perfectly good holds, we just end up with a lot of them.

We do not provide Hardware for this product since the amount of holds varies from order to order.

Most of our holds will take a Socket Cap bolt or Flat Head bolt and most can be screwed on as well.


Why are your holds cheap? Is the quality Bad?
What is the texture of your climbing holds like?
How strong are your holds?
What are your holds made of? 


Why are your holds cheap? Is the quality Bad?

While our quality is great, aesthetically it's slightly lower than big box hold producers, but it's close. The strength and durability is just as high. The main reason our holds are so cheap is we operate out of our home doing small batch holds with almost no overhead costs.

However, because we are small batch and small business, we do ship items that have minor cosmetic issues. This could be a small dot of another color on your hold (usually no larger than pin sized), a hold that has very minor surface imperfections, or a hold that might have a small piece of dirt, dust or even pet hair embedded in it. We do care about quality and all of these examples would only ship if it's very minor. Bigger imperfections get sold at a discount!

What is the texture of your climbing holds like?

The way we make our holds is usually different than most, because we 3D print the models first we have to add texturing agents to the design after 3D printing and then create the mold from that.

This results in texture made from positive bumps versus negative. In other words regular climbing holds typically have little bumps or bubbles inside the hold while ours have them on the outside. Your hand really won't  be able to tell the difference though. The good thing is, you can sand our holds down a bit if you want a smoother surface. You can't do that with other holds!

How strong are your holds?

Our holds are made from Polyurethane Resin, the recommend resin for climbing holds. The resin has a tensile strength of 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch) or about 20,685 kPA. Even our smallest foot holds are about half a cubic inch so capable of holding almost 1,500 lbs.

What are your holds made of?

Our holds are made of Polyurethane Resin and dye (unless you order Eggshell white). We add a washer to every bolt on hold that becomes part of the hold and increases the safety and stability of the hold.