Our Favorite Cheap Climbing Holds for 2024 (Quality and Affordable)

Our Favorite Cheap Climbing Holds for 2024 (Quality and Affordable)

In the quest to perfect your climbing skills, the cost of equipment shouldn't be a barrier. This year, we've scoured our inventory to bring you the best cheap climbing holds that promise quality without breaking the bank. Our selection features holds that cater to various skill levels and wall types, ensuring that every climber can find something that suits their needs.

Durability Meets Economy

Our top picks for 2024 are made from resilient materials that withstand rigorous use, ensuring that climbers can focus on their technique without worrying about wear and tear. Despite their affordable price tag, these holds don't skimp on design. Ergonomic shapes and textures offer an authentic climbing experience that enhances grip strength and endurance. Our selection includes options ideal for both indoor and outdoor walls, providing versatility for every climbing environment.

Why Choose Affordable Holds

Choosing affordable climbing holds means more than just saving money. It's about making the sport accessible to everyone, encouraging more people to take up climbing and join the community. Our goal is to support your climbing journey, offering products that allow for continuous improvement and endless fun, all while keeping expenses low.

Our Picks


We have a strong love-hate relationship with the bermuda triangle. As a multipurpose hold, you could fill your wall with just this one but we promise that you and your hands will certainly regret that decision. Coming in at $3.25, this is a cant-beat deal for building a climbing wall for cheap.


Coming in at number 4 is another crimp, the bananarama. As a crimp big enough for 2 hands and coming in at $4.25, this is the perfect, affordable, hold to fill up your wall within your budget. Yes, your fingers may not be thrilled but, hey, we don’t climb to make our fingers happy

Number 3: HAPPY HANDS JUG (Small)

If you want to give your fingers a break from these crimps, this jug will provide the leverage to accomplish any overhang, volume, or just be a relaxing downclimb (or regular) hold. Priced at $3.25, this is the best bang for your buck on an absolute classic hold and cheap enough to mount all over your wall.

Number 2: KWIK-E-START

This mixed set is the perfect starting pack for anyone looking for a sweet home wall. This pack provides 16 holds for $73, providing you enough holds to make a high quality route on your homewall right out of the box. Providing a mix of styles, I would suggest this for anyone looking for a standard, affordable climbing hold kit.

Number 1: PINCHY JR.

A perfect balance of challenging yet easy. Yes, it is a pinch, but it is designed to sit comfortably in your hand and provide a stable ledge for your feet as you progress through the route. Costing $4.25, this hold is a great mix into your wall to give a different style and feel.

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