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🚚 Shipping Time

Climbing Holds are made to order and ship in 3-5 Business Days. If there are no shipping options for your location, please reach out to for a quote.

Almost all orders are sent via USPS and then follow different paths depending on your country:

USA: Orders are dropped off at a local USPS drop off point here in New England. Shipping varies within the USA depending on your location but most orders are around 3-5 days total.

Canada: Important: Timelines you see in the cart are the times it takes to reach you once the package arrives in Canada from the U.S. It can take several days to a week to get from our location in the U.S. to the Canadian shipping point. All packages are dropped off at a local USPS location here in the Northeast and is transferred to Canada Post at the Niagara Falls transfer location.

All shipping times are just estimates and not guarantees. Shipping time can be affected by a lot of things, such as COVID restrictions, busy mail times (often around the holidays), etc. 

At Ledge Climbing we try our best to reduce customs fees as much as possible. With that said, for international orders there may be fees once incurred. Please reach out with any questions!

This 16 hold climbing kit makes a great set for a starter kit on a budget.

This set includes: 

- 5 x Jugs - 2 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large
- 4 x Crimps - 2 different styles
- 1 x Dual Tex Ledge - Medium
- 1 x Pinch - Small/Medium
- 6 x Foot holds - 3 different styles

View the 3D Models to see every angle of the hold. Note the 3D images do not show the texture.

🔆 Black Light colors are Pastel and glow under UV Light!

🔍 Description

All holds are bolt on and have at least 1 set screw hole in each. They are designed for 3/8" bolts and T-Nuts and #8 or #9 screws (#9 structural screws recommended).

Here's a description of each hold you'll receive (see the pictures too!):

■ Small Happy Hzands Jug (2) - Great one handed jugs with large incut - perfect hold for easier climbs and beginners.
■ Medium Happy Hands Jug - It's like the small one, but larger!
■ Large Happy Hands Jug - The larger version of the Jugs. Great for two hands so works perfect for a start or top out.
■ Pinchy Jr. - A medium sized pinch that is a easy-medium difficulty
■ Crimpus (2) - A classic, round crimp, not too difficult as far as crimps go.
■ Crimp Bizkit (2) - A crimp with a generous incut making it a good starter crimp.
■ Texan Ledgend - a fun ledge that has a rough top. Perfect intermediate hold.
■ The Pickle (2) - Pickle shaped footholds that can also be used as a pinch or crimp.
■ Bermuda Triangle (2) - Footholds you can orient different ways for increased difficulty. Also can be used as tough crimps.
■ Lucky Seven (2) - 7 sided footholds.

🔩 Hardware

If you purchase T-Nuts from us we they will be the screw in variety. These are by far better than the "hammer in" variety.

The following Hardware is needed for this set if you don't purchase the kit including hardware. This all assumes you have a 3/4" wall.

If you are using bolts and t-nuts:
- 9 x 1.5" Socket Cap Bolts
- 5 x 2" Socket Cap Bolts
- 2 x 1.5" or 2" Flat Head Bolts (fully threaded)
- At least 1 set screw (#8 or #9) for each hold

If you are doing screw on only, you'll need:
- 35 x 1.75" #9 Structural Screws
- 2 x 2" #9 Structural Screws
- 12 x Bolt to Screw Adapters

🌈 Important Color Information

It's important to note that there is an inherent issue with viewing colors online.

Screens can show colors differently based on many factors such as manufacturer, type of screen, age of device, blue light filters, manual calibration and more.

The color you see also really depends on the photography. While we do our best to have accurate colors in our photos, our photos are going to look slightly different than someone else's photos which will look slightly different than someone else's, and so on and so on.

Finally, our products are made in small batches and while we do our best to use a "formula" for our colors, minor variations may occur.

For all of these reasons, it's important to accept that all pictures must be taken as a reference only and that what you receive may be slightly to moderately to different than what you're seeing on your device.


💧 Materials

Polyurethane Resin, Dye

➕ Additional Info

Many of our holds are 3D printed first then molded in silicone to finally cast into the final hold!

One of the cool things about the 3D printing community is many creators allow their work to be used, even for commercial use, and simply require a shout out for doing so!

The holds that were designed by others can all be found on Thingiverse (Things 4852256, 3860696, 13034, 3623684, 4078517 and 3601834)


Why are your holds cheap? Is the quality Bad?
What is the texture of your climbing holds like?
How strong are your holds?
What are your holds made of? 


Why are your holds cheap? Is the quality Bad?

While our quality is great, aesthetically it's slightly lower than big box hold producers, but it's close. The strength and durability is just as high. The main reason our holds are so cheap is we operate out of our home doing small batch holds with almost no overhead costs.

However, because we are small batch and small business, we do ship items that have minor cosmetic issues. This could be a small dot of another color on your hold (usually no larger than pin sized), a hold that has very minor surface imperfections, or a hold that might have a small piece of dirt, dust or even pet hair embedded in it. We do care about quality and all of these examples would only ship if it's very minor. Bigger imperfections get sold at a discount!

What is the texture of your climbing holds like?

The way we make our holds is usually different than most, because we 3D print the models first we have to add texturing agents to the design after 3D printing and then create the mold from that.

This results in texture made from positive bumps versus negative. In other words regular climbing holds typically have little bumps or bubbles inside the hold while ours have them on the outside. Your hand really won't  be able to tell the difference though. The good thing is, you can sand our holds down a bit if you want a smoother surface. You can't do that with other holds!

How strong are your holds?

Our holds are made from Polyurethane Resin, the recommend resin for climbing holds. The resin has a tensile strength of 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch) or about 20,685 kPA. Even our smallest foot holds are about half a cubic inch so capable of holding almost 1,500 lbs.

What are your holds made of?

Our holds are made of Polyurethane Resin and dye (unless you order Eggshell white). We add a washer to every bolt on hold that becomes part of the hold and increases the safety and stability of the hold.